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Wish List
Matt Dempsey's ACL Soda Bottle Site
My Wish List

I am always looking to expand my collection through buying or trading.  The following is a list of bottles that I would like to add to my collection:


  • Any pictures or information concerning unusual versions of SQUEEZE brand ACL soda bottles.
  • Any pictures or information concerning unusual versions of LEMMY ACL bottles.
  • Rare and uncommon versions of name brand soda bottles.
  • Nice picture ACL soda bottles.


ASPRN    o/w/l    non picture bottle from Tennessee.

COCK N' BULL   bombay water and quinine water.

DR. PEPPER    any "DP" version acl bottles.

FROSTIE    cream/brown    non squat cameo bottles.

LEMMY    any rare variations--$will pay top dollar$.

MOUNTAIN DEW    w    "Barney and Ally" hillbilly bottle.

NEHI    any green glass or unusual acl Nehi bottles.

PEPSI     r/w  green glass    neck logo/swirl design.

ROYAL PALM    r/w and g/w    single palm tree.

ROYAL PALM    r/w    green glass    single palm tree.

7 UP    amber    o/w    non squat bubble girl.

SQUEEZE  any rare variations.

SUN CREST    r/w   "sugar free"  version.

SUNRISE LEMON-LIME    y/r   green glass.

SUNRISE ROOTBEER    y/r    amber glass.

SUBLEY'S BIG NICKEL COLA  r/w/l  non-pic.