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Picture ACL Soda Bottles For Sale or Trade
Matt Dempsey's ACL Soda Bottle Site

Picture ACLS For Sale or Trade

I have not listed the condition of these bottles. If interested in a bottle just ask and I will give you a detailed description of its' condition and please serious inquiries only.

** Two asterisks symbols indicate that the bottle is pictured in the third addtion of the book COLLECTING APPLIED COLORED LABEL SODA BOTTLES published by Rick Sweeny and the PSBCA.

**APOLLO l/w c 12 PA 56 Bust of Apollo in triangular shaped ACL: squat.

**BARRONS r/w c 10 NM 72 King and large glass with a straw.

BAYERS PEP UP y/r g 6+ OH Man whistling. Label missing some paint/wear.

BOOTHS y/b/r g 12 PA 68 N= Medal shaped ACL w/ a girl with a fruit hat.

BROWNIE ROOT BEER br./w/r c 9 MI 73? Small elf's head.

**BROWNIE br./w c 10 GA ? Elf with a big bottle.

CLICQUOT CLUB y/r g 6+ MA 48 Eskimo holding big bottle; "Eskimo Cooler".

CLICQUOT CLUB y/r/b c 12 MA 58 Eskimos head; "Quinine Water"

**DADS r/y/l a 10 WA 54 Boy; Big Junior Size; root beer.

DR. SWETTS y/r l 10 ? 55 Boy drinking from glass; root beer.

GILLS r/w c 10 TX 68 Creepy looking kids sitting at a table.

GOODY w g 10 NE 74 Boy licking lips; N=heads

HAPPY POP l/y c 300ml Can. Happy face wearing a hat.

**JURK r/y g 10 KY ? Boy; small orange; "Be Perk Drink Jurk".

**KICKAPOO JOY JUICE y/r and r/w g 60s Honest John and polecat.

**LEWIES w/r c 7 PA 56 Scruffy man with 2 large bottles. Shoulder is heavily embossed with diamonds.

LULU b/w c 12+ Mex. ? Large cartoon head of a Betty Boop look alike,

MR. NEWPORT r/w g 7 IL 56? Man tipping his top hat.

**NEMO w g 7 PA 73 Nemo the ship captain.

NEW YORKER w/r/b c 12 IL 43 Couple strolling in formal clothing by the city skyline. 3 color ACL.

**O O O GEE c/l/r c 12 IL 52 Clown; Label has some stain and the paint is thin; Glass is clouded. Back is missing some paint. Displays o.k.

**ORCHARD r/w c 10 AK 68 Lady w/ a fruit basket at an orchard. Nice ringed neck.

**PETER PAN w/r c 7 NY 49 Bust of Peter.

**PLAYERS r/w c 10 ? ? Baseball; numerous athletes.

**SAL-U-TARIS w/y/r g 7 ? 47 Nude woman holding a jug.

**SCHAPPERT'S COUNTRY MAIDE w/r c 7 PA Pretty young girl.

SWEET 16 w/r c 16 MD ? 5 pretty young ladies faces.

SKIPPER l/w c 7 PA ? Nautical flags w/ a small boys face.

SMILE l/w c 10?  ? ? 1 large orangehead kewpie. Nice ringed neck.

SMILE r/w c 12 ? 58 orangehead kewpie's face.

**SOLO r/w c 12 San Juan ? Plane w/ pilot; squat bottle.

SOLO r/w c 7 San Juan ? Plane with pilot.

SOUR SCHNAPPS r/w g 7 IA 57 Bar maid.

SPIFFY y/r/w c 7 NJ ??? Boy; uncommon 7 ounce size. (on hold)

SUBURBAN CLUB c/l c 12 WV ? Golfer/golf balls; N= "Oates".

**TAYLOR MAID w/r c 12 PA 65 Pretty girl.

VESS DIETETIC w/l/r c 10 ? 64 Thin man and woman; 3 color!

WHITE ROCK y/r c 7 NY 65 Nymph by stream; "Quinine Water".

**TWANG ROOT BEER w/r c 12 IL ? Boy shooting an arrow at target.

**WINX y/r g 7 PA ? Round faced boy winking.

YANKEE DOODLE ROOT BEER w/r c 10 CA ? Y. Doodle w/fife.  2 Color version. 

**McPHERSONS l/w a 12 ? ? Pilgrim and eagle; cool embossing.

**STUBBY w/r a 10 Can. 39 Cartoon robust man; Embossed bricks on an amber, squat bottle.

ACE GINGER BEER y a 7 54 Large spade outline.

**VINO PUNCH w/r a 7 FL 60 Wine glass.

MUG c/o a 11 CA 79 Frosty mug; squatty shaped bottle.

**MY POPS y/r/l 12 PA 66 Colorful balloons; root beer; 3 color amber!

**EIGHT BALL b/w a 7 IL 46 Pool ball. Flea bite in neck label.

**MISCOE w/o/g a 7+ MA 50 Oranges; 3 color amber!

COTT NECTAR w/o/b c 12 NY 64? 2 orange halves; great looking embossed squat bottle.

FRANKS o/g c 12 PA 51 Large orange; squat bottle.

**FRESHY y/r g 7 OH 63 Grapefruit tree.

**GOLDEN HARVEST o/br. c 10 IL 68 Pumpkin, corn and wheat.

LEMON BLOSSOMS y g 10 IO 67 Lemons/blossoms.

QUENCH y/w/r g 7 WA 60 Large grapefruit; 3 color ACL!

WINK w/g c 10? ? ? Grapfruit half. Label a tad bit off center.

**BLUE JAY l/w c 9 ? 49 Angry looking bird.

**BUCK r/w c 10 TX 55 Buck with antlers.

BUCK l/w c 10 ? ? Buck with antlers.

BUFFALO ROCK aqua/r/w c 10 ? ? Small buffalo pic; "Ginger Ale". Casewear.

**CARDINAL r/w c 7 OH 49 Large cardinal pic. 1-

CHASE l/w c 10 ? ? Fox hunt scene.

**COCK N BULL GINGER BEER c/br./r/b 11 CA  Rooster and bull; original crown.

**COUGAR c g 7 WA 47 Cougar leaping through the "O"

DEER HEAD y/r/t g 8 MA ? Buck's head; embossed.

DR. NUT w/r c 7 ? 54 N= Squirrel; "Its a food not a fad".

**ELK CLUB o/b c 9 VA 53 Elk pic.

FOX l/w c 8 OH 65 Fox; N= hunter.

**GATOR o/l c 10 FL 60 Alligator w/ football players; ACL is faded and scratched.

**JAYHAWK w/l c 8 KS ? Jayhawk drinking out of a bottle w/a straw.

**JUMBO w/r l 16 LA 60 Elephants circling shoulder and base. Main ACL is circular w/ an elephants head.

**KS w/l c 7 CA 46 Bear holding a large "K"; cool glass design.

**LYONS ROOT BEER r/o/w c 10 CA ? Lion w/a megaphone.

**MOXIE o/b l 7 MA ? Lady w/ wheat bushel.

MOXIE o/w c 7 MA 61 Man pointing finger.

**POLAR CUB l/w c 12 MA 38 Polar bear/hills of snow; bottle is heavily embossed so it looks like an icicle.

**POLLYS c/g and c/r c MO 50s Parrot holding a bottle.

SIMBA w/y/o g 10 ? 68 Growling lion.

**SPRINGTIME y/g c 8 WI 62 Birds on a sign. ACL faded.

**SWAN w/l c 12 PA 43 Swan in pond. Label wear, stain and fade. Glass is clouded. Displays pretty well. A possible filler.

WHALE SPARKLING WATER light blue/l c 7 MN 51 N= Whale. small spots of paint missing on main label due to a manufacturing flaw on the textured glass.

**BRIGHT BELT y/g c 12 NC 40 Tobacco plant.

**CAROLINA MOON y/o g 12 ? ? Large orange moon.

CALIFRUIT o/l c 7 CA ? Mission w/ palm trees.Uncommom color ACL. Label faded.

CLARION BEVERAGES g/w 7 PA 61 Mountains/trees.

CRYSTAL SPRINGS y/g c 8 WI 67 Mountain w/ trees and a spring.

**DIAMOND HEAD w/g c 7 HI ? Waves crashing.

DIXIELAND w/g c 7 MS 38 Cotton boll/factory. Moderate label wear.

**HUB y/l c 7? Can. ? Train.

GREEN RIVER y/g c 7 IL 60 Moon lit river scene. Label dull.

**MILDES BIG BOTTLE y/r c 12 MO 66 Plant branches.

POPLAND y/g c 12 ? 72 Desert scene with many cacti.

PORTO RICO r/g/w c 10 PA 45 Flower blossoms; squat.

**SILVER SPRINGS r/l/w c 8 MA 43 Map; Transition bottle with embossed label on the back of bottle. The dark picture in the 3rd edition book doesn't do this bottle justice.

SNOWY PEAK l/w c 12 ? ? Snow capped mountain, heavily textured bottle.

SPARKLE SPRINGS g/w g 7 HI 42 Man w/shell by a stream.

SUNSPOT b/o c 12 GA ? Sun; blossoms. Clouded glass.

TORAH o/b c Quart MA ? Beautiful outdoor scene. Glass has nice embossing.

**BLUE RIBBON l/w c 10 NM 73 Blue ribbon.

LOVE w/r c 10 OK 74 Hearts; very 1970s looking.

**NU POP pea green/br. c 7 IL 52 Palate and paint brush.

PEP w/r g 10 ? 56 Strong man with a barbell.

TOPPER r/b/w c 10 MI 67 Top hat.

WASHINGTON l/w c 7 MO 47 Bust of Pres. Washington; blue and white striped label.

**SKY HIGH br./w c 12 WI 54 Plane; squat bottle.

**STRIKE w/y g 7 NY 44 Bowling ball and pins.

SUNNY SIDE w/og c 10 OK ? Smiling sunshine; heavily embossed glass.

TOPS w/r c 10 OH 66 Bottle cap/caps.

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