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Matt Dempsey's ACL Soda Bottle Site

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All bottles will be listed using the following format:


NAME/ ACL colors/ Glass color/ Size in ounces/ State/ Date/ Description/Condition


** Two asterisks symbols indicate that the bottle is pictured in the third addtion COLLECTING APPLIED COLORED LABEL SODA BOTTLES by Rick Sweeny and the PSBCA.


r = red                           c = clear

w = white                      g = emerald green

b = black                       a = amber/brown

l = blue                          l = green or blue tint

y = yellow                       like a hobbleskirt Coke

o = orange                      bottle.

g = green

t = tan

br. = brown

c = cream


Determining the condition of a bottle is a very subjective thing. Whether a bottle is in good displayable condition varies greatly from collector to collector. If you are interested in a paticular bottle please inquire about condition. I will try to be as detailed and acurrate with my descriptions as possible. If a bottle has noteable flaws I will try to list them in my descriptions.  I have graded some of these bottles using the Bates Grading System.


Uncommon Versions of Name brands and Common Bottles for Sale or Trade

The following are a fun grouping of bottles. They are unusual versions of name brands and common bottles I have found throughout the years. Sometimes the variations are as simple as a unique neck label or an uncommon ounce size. Other variations are more noticeable such as a change in glass colors or a change in the colors in the ACL. Bottles in this listing range from the very rare to the fairly common.

** Two asterisks symbols indicate that the bottle is pictured in the third addtion COLLECTING APPLIED COLORED LABEL SODA BOTTLES by Rick Sweeny and the PSBCA

Coca Cola r/w c 10 ? 67 NDNR; multi diamond design. ACL is in rough shape but bottle would work as a filler. Inquire about condition if interested.

Diet Coke r/w l 10 GA ? ACLS on both sides. Each have different color make up.

Neck says "Free Bottle". I am not sure what this means. This bottle originally came from an employee at Laurens Glass Works in Georgia.

Pepsi Cola r/w c Grand Pop embossed on shoulder; small label design. Glass and label show wear.

Pepsi Cola r/w c Grand Pop embossed on shoulder; large main label

design and large neck oval design. Upper corner of label shows fade and wear. Displays pretty well.

Pepsi Cola r/w/l c ? ? ? Uncommon 3 color SINGLE dot. A few small sized rust spots on label.

Pepsi Light aqua/y/w c 10 ? 76

Dr. Pepper w/r l 12 ? 69 10 2 4 Four white diamonds surround the neck to indicate it was a 12 ouncer and not a 10 ouncer.

Dr. Pepper o/w l 12 72 1970s oval shaped ACLS. Neck has the four diamonds indicating its 12 ounce size. 1973 was the only year this design contained diamonds.

**Dr. Pepper w/r l 10 ? 55 Large bottle cap logo.

Dr. Pepper Dietetic w/r/l l 10 ? 63 Chevron bottle.

(rare) Diet Dr. Pepper light blue/w l 10 71 Rare "DP" logo only put out for one year. Also has a diabetic warning label.

7UP r/w 6+ Amber glass version of the 1970s vertical 7up ACL. From Ireland.

7UP r/w 6+ Amber glass version of the 1960s "You Like It, It Likes You" ACL in r/w on an amber colored bottle. From Ireland.

Double Cola r/w c 10 TN 58 Orbit ring design.

Royal Crown Cola r/y l ? late 30s Embossed neck early pyramid bottle.

Diet Rite Lemon-Lime w g 10 ? 65 Unusual green glass lemon-lime version!

Diet Rite r/w l 7 ? ? Uncommon in that it has a large main label on the body of the

bottle and a neck label. Most Diet Rite bottles only have a shoulder label. The ACL labels look nothing like the common Diet Rite labels.

(rare) NEHI Sparkling Soda r/w c 6 NY 59 Small neck ACL; odd ten-pin shaped bottle.

NEHI Pale Dry Ginger Ale w/r g 12 ? 66 Cocktail glasses and streamers. ACL wear.

NEHI r/y/w c 10 ? 65 Butterfly label.

NEHI r/w c 10 ? 71 Butterfly label.

Frostie g/w c 12 MD 40 Small standing elf; squat bottle. Uncommon version.

Diet Frostie r/aqua/w c 10 ? 64 Uncommon diet version, One half of the bottle is textured.

Sun Rise w/y c 8 MO ? Yellow sun rising over white mountains.

Sun Rise y/w c 10 VA ? White sun rising over yellow mountains

Sun Rise g/r c 8? SC 51 Red sun; green mountains.

Sun Rise r/w g 300ml. ? 78 Sun rays and mountain

Sun Rise r/w ?????? Cool glass design; sun rays and mountain.

Sun Rise o/b c 7+ VA 48 Small sun. Shows wear--some label fade and clouded glass.

Sun Rise Orangeade w/g c 8 MN ? Sunrays and mountain. "Orangeade"!

**Sun Rise r/w c 10 VA ? Rooster and Sun

Sun Rise light blue/w c 7.5 VA ? Rooster and Sun. Some label fade and clouded glass. Very hard to find bottle.

Kick r/w g 10 TN ? Mule kicking a farmer. The more common version says "like a mule" in the space where the farmer located. Very uncommon. Small flea bite on label.

Kickapoo Joy Juice w/r g 10 ? ? Neck has picture of Lil Abner on one side and Daisy Mae on the other..

Vernors 1 Calorie y/g/r c 12 ? 64 Small gnome; 3 color label!

Old Colony o/w a ? Can. ? Colonial man; Uncommon amber glass and orange and white ACL.

Old Colony Sparkling Water l/w c IL ? This bottle has an unusual blue and white

acl label instead of the common white and red one. This bottle was made in Illinois for export to Mexico. Reverse label is in Spanish.

Dads Rootbeer y/r a 10 MO 54 Boy; Big Junior Size. Uncommon in 2 color.

(rare??) Gills w/l c TX 72? Creepy looking kids at a table; unusual blue and white acl. This is the only blue and white labeled GILL'S I have seen.

(rare??) Cleo Cola r/w c 12 OH 59 A non pic. and possibly one of a kind?? I havent seen another like it personally. Label is somewhat similar to the Cleopatra version minus Cleopatra. Label does show wear with some paint loss along the bottom of the label.

Harvillas Beverages br./w c 7? PA ? Uncommon waterfall pic. in place of the yawning man; embossing; base of the bottle is 8 sided.

Cock N Bull Ginger Ale w/b/r c(but w/ stoneware look) 11 CA 46 Uncommon "Ginger Ale" version.

Squeeze y/b c 7 ME 56 Kids/bench; N= "Had your Squeeze today; Rare acl colors.

Botl-O r/w c 10 GA 54 Less common red and white ACL.

Sun Crest r/w c ? TX ? Uncommon red and white acl; sun pic. base chip.

**Virginia Dare y/br. c 7? MS ? Small pic of Virginia on a less common brown and

yellow ACL. Some minor ACL wear.

Kist w/l c 7 ? 37? Circular ACL. Heavily embossed glass. Has Kist crown.

Kist r/w g 7 ME 59 Standard looking Kist ACL bottle, but with emerald green glass

Whistle l/o c 10 ME 39? Small head whistling musical notes. Glass is

heavily embossed with an egg shaped neck. Label shows fading and glass has case wear. Still not a bad example of a hard to find bottle.

Whistle l/w g 10? ? ? Large musical note on an emerald green glass bottle..

Spike It y/b g 7 PA ? "Spike It You'll Like It"; uncommon green glass.

Crush o/w g 10? IL? ? Less common green glass version.

Crush o/w a 7 ? ? Non "Crushy" late 60s early 70s version; less common 7 ounce size.

Big Shot Beverages w/r c 10 LA 50 Man w/Cigar; Older version with solid white background on main label.

Black Kow r/w c 10 IL 49 Cow; less common clear glass version.

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